Where Do We Go From Here? Organizational Direction

Vision sets direction. Strategic Plans get you there.

Remember how to plan a trip before the internet and GPS? When I was a kid, my mom would go to the AAA office to get maps, plan the itinerary with the travel agent and order a TripTik (a step by step map set to your destination). The TripTik is an awesome tool for travel planning as it has all the rest stops, gas stations, hotel and food stops listed for every segment of your journey. It was your guide for the trip. The family would pile into our old station wagon for some epic cross-country adventure.

Now, we wouldn’t trade our GPS mapping apps for anything. A faceless voice that tell us where to turn, merge or exit. It helps us venture, further, faster and deeper into unknown territory. It seems we have more courage, and less fear with the guidance of those devices. We rely on... read more