Organizational Assessment

Grounding our work is a commitment to understanding you. Organizational Intelligence assures a time of deep listening that allows every voice is heard and a full perspective on the life of the congregation/organization to be gained. Meeting people where they are and understanding that many voices and perspectives is a gift that launches our work together in powerful ways. Using environmental scans of internal culture, leadership and external context helps create an accurate picture of your current reality through a mix of quantitative data and qualitative conversations.

Equipped with an accurate picture of your ministry, engaged people participating, and a process for discerning God’s preferred future for your congregation—this is a powerful time of reflection, discernment and clarity for your organization.

Organizational Assessment is made up of:

  • Congregational assessment (using The Missional Assessment Profile)
  • Leadership Systems Inventory, to understand your leadership systems
  • Consultant led interviews and focus groups for quantitative data
  • Environmental scans of the community in which you serve.
  • Reports, presentations and interpretations of these instruments and their data give you the most helpful information about your church for future decision making.
  • Consultants working with you to not only share the findings but help discern what it means and create a plan to move forward into greater health and vitality.


Our clients say...

“Leading a congregation to live into God’s mission can be dangerous work and should not be done alone! Our consultant from the Joshua Group has accompanied us on the journey, walking alongside us through all the twists and turns, helping us keep God as the subject of our discernment. Whenever we have started to veer off the road, our consultant has lovingly and graciously reminded us to keep our hands on the steering wheel, fasten our seatbelts, and boldly go in the direction God would have us go. It has not always been a straight road, but it’s definitely been worth the ride!”

Pastor Greg Busboom, Senior Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church