The Joshua Story

When Moses reached the border of the Promised Land he sent out scouts ahead to appraise the situation carefully. Joshua was one of those scouts. When he returned, Joshua reported discovering vineyards, orchards, fertile land, and fortified cities. The people didn’t know what to do. Joshua helped them understand their destiny, having faith that God would not have let them come so far only to have them fall just short of their goal. After Moses died Joshua continued to lead the people forward. Helping them understand their purpose, provide a plan to get there, and to gather the leadership and resources needed along the way. 

The spirit of this journey is what the Joshua Group is all about and what has led to the creation of this new ministry to help congregations and ministries thrive and grow. 

For the past several years Kairos has been researching and developing processes that not only help congregations raise significant financial resources, but also engage them in meaningful experiences of missional transformation. As a result of this work the principal owners of Kairos founded a new organization called The Joshua Group.  The purpose of this new entity is to give deep attention to a congregation’s overall health and vibrancy and lead them forward in focused and prioritized ways in order to fulfill their Holy Purpose. 

The Joshua Group’s differentiations are many – from its commitment to using Organizational Intelligence and diverse assessment to engage in a process of quantitative and qualitative reflection and listening, to bringing high-level leaders to shape and guide the way, to its focus on six transformative way points to create a Travel Plan through a branded system, unique to the Joshua Group called Purpose Mapping.