Leadership Transition

Extensive work with pastors and congregations over the last 30 years helps us deeply understand the call of pastoral leaders and the cultural and leadership systems in which they serve. Our Leadership Transition process includes:

  • A trained consultant to walk with your congregation for the entire process. Our experienced consultants help prepare congregation and pastors for healthy and successful  transitions.
  • Cultural and organizational assessments to help you understand areas of strength, readiness, leadership capacity, missional clarity and identity and challenges of your congregation so appropriate plans can be put into place.
  • Collaborative creation of the congregation’s missional narrative and the Mission Site Profile (MSP) or transition documents.
  • Development of an appropriate plan for transition including the recruitment and training of a team, communications plan, and congregational engagement plan.
  • Assisting in connecting with various resources for candidate identification.
  • Training for call/search committee for interviews.
  • Assisting in acclimating new leader with congregational leadership, systems and culture.
  • Forming and training a “mutual ministry" team to support new leader and congregation.


Our clients say...

"My church, the church I have loved for 45 years, like so many churches, journeyed into the twilight and then into the darkness.  Was it a change in pastor leadership, the changing of worship attendance practices so many see, or just our time for darkness?  But with faith, determination, and with God carrying us when we were struggling to run again, we called out to the Joshua Group, and with the help of an angel, Kristin Wiersma, we came back into the light.  A gift Kristin brought was a commitment to journey with us.  She listened, she surveyed, she analyzed, she challenged, she told us what we feared, she gave us hope, and she never let us forget to be God centered.  After an intermittent journey that started 4 years ago, she comes whenever called.  I dare not even use the word “consultant”.  She is a partner in faith.  A spiritual guardian and guide with the grace and kindness to unite us as we are now renewed by the light.  This is not a statement of endorsement but a recognition of relationship, leadership and at the end, just God stepping in.  Thanks to Kristin Wiersma and the Joshua Group!"

- Sandy C., Trinity Church