fulfilling purpose

We will help you navigate the changing waters of ministry, context for mission and needs of your community.

Our purpose is to walk with your organization in assessing your ministry, observing the changing landscape, sharpening the shared sense of mission and vision for the future. We will accompany your leaders and lead you through mission clarity, deep listening to your people, unified vision, and leadership alignment for this new day of ministry. Our goal is organizational health, vitality and transformation of your people, your leaders, and your ministry. 

When Moses reached the border of the Promised Land he sent out a leader named Joshua to go scouting and appraise the situation, discovering what awaited them in this new land. After Moses died Joshua continued to lead the people forward - helping them understand their purpose, provided a plan to get there, and gather the resources needed along the way.

The spirit of this journey is what the Joshua Group is all about. Our core purpose is about helping congregations and ministries move to places of energy and transformation for the sake of the mission they claim as central to their purpose. Our work is grounded in the understanding of the uniqueness and call of every ministry. We help navigate change, transition, strategic planning, leadership development, and conflict to help you be as healthy and vital as your organization can be.

The first step to clarity of purpose, unity, engagement and equipped leaders is a conversation.  We would love to hear from you. 

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Purpose Mapping

Organizational Assessment

Deep listening means meeting people where they are. We understanding that every voice is a God given gift and guide.

Strategic Planning/Visioning

Focused on mission, this transformational process helps ministries discern, plan and live into God's preferred future for your unique ministry context. We bring a sacred time for assessment, discovery, insprired plannning. We walk with you in those new steps to a future with clarity and purpose.

Leadership Transition

Extensive work with pastors and congregations over the last 30 years helps us deeply understand the call of pastoral leaders and the cultural and leadership systems in which they serve.