fulfilling purpose

Organizational Intelligence

Deep listening of meeting people where they are and understanding that every voice is a God given gift and guide.

Purpose Mapping

This branded system, unique to the Joshua Group, brings together Scouting and Field Reports to assess and create your way ahead with clarity and purpose.

Travel Plan

Your unique plan for moving forward with focus and confidence.

When Moses reached the border of the Promised Land he sent out a leader named Joshua to appraise the situation and discover what laid ahead. After Moses died Joshua continued to lead the people forward - helping them understand their purpose, provide a Plan to get there, and to gather the resources needed along the way.

The spirit of this journey is what the Joshua Group is all about. Our work is grounded in the unique power of Organizational Intelligence and driven forward by the branded process of Purpose Mapping, all leading to your own unique Travel Plan that will guide your ministry in the fulfilling of its purpose now and far into the future. Find out more.

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