Strategic Planning/Visioning

Rooted deeply in an understanding of the mission of the congregation and ministry organization, our unique and mission-centric Strategic Planning process includes:

  • Organizational assessments (both qualitative interviews and quantitative evaluation) to gauge current leadership, health, vitality, culture, impact, priorities and hopes of the congregation.
  • A trusted consultant who walks with you the entire process, facilitating, leading, challenging, advising and teaching.
  • A faith centered experience of deep prayer, devotion, and learning.
  • Methods and tools to help leaders to articulate and clarify foundational commitments of mission, values and ministry strategies.
  • A graphical strategic planning process to help leaders walk into the future vision with vivid imagination, inspiring response to needs of the context, faithfulness to the rich history and culture of the church, bold and God-sized dreams.
  • Not only a strategic plan, but a vision for the future, leadership development planning, narrative development for stewardship, and ongoing consultation for implementation.


Our clients say...

"We hired you to help us with our Strategic Planning because we knew we needed it and it is hard to do without proper training and mentorship.  I worked on some strategic planing activites in my Air Force days and they were painful...and when they were finished, they went on a shelf and mostly collected dust.  Here at Ascension, we had just completed a very successful Capital Campaign to renovate our facilities and prepare them for our to be determined future.  We knew we needed to do strategic planning to help our congregation discern where we wanted to take our church in the future.  We were excited about our Capital Campaign and we wanted to continue that excitement into laying out an exciting future for our church.  Your process allowed us to collect inputs from a wide cross-section of our church about our strengths, our weaknesses, and our desires for the future.   We had a very telling moment early on in our process when our church leadership was asked what we would do different if we had an unlimited budget.  Our silence was stunning.  That's when we knew we needed you to help us discern where God was taking our church.  Now that we're implementing our vision, your process has been very helpful in helping us set attainable goals in 90-day increments that will help us progress through the next five years of implementation activities.  By the way, our church recently received a very generous donation from one of families and thanks to our work, we are able to plan out a series of actions to use this money to help us implement new ministries that two years ago we couldn't even think of.

- John Hayes, Lay Leader, Ascension Lutheran