Dreading Stewardship

Every fall, leaders of churches around the country get a sense of the “dreads.” What’s the dreads? The definition in this case, it is not looking forward to, or dreading the fall stewardship season. Leaders ask, how can we talk about money in new and interesting ways? How can we get people to give more?

Things seem to be changing, including how we talk about money. People are shifting how they relate with money. For instance, I pay the guy who mows my lawn when we are on vacation, with Venmo, an app on my phone. I’ve never met the guy, I couldn’t tell you what he looks like. But he gets money from my phone app. Bills are on autopay. Checks are cashed remotely. Giving offering used to be an intentional and physical act of counting out cash or writing a check and putting in the offering plate in worship. But it isn’t the only way to give. In fact, if our churches only rely on those methods, they are leaving people out.

Things are changing, even how we deal with money. What do church leaders need to do? Join Kristin Wiersma at the Church Anew Conference: Change Almost Everything on November 18-19 for a conversation on Changing How We Talk About Money.

  • What’s at stake and why we should change how we talk about money.
  • Change is grief. Leading our people through change.
  • Change is chaos. Creating a new money language, relationship, and culture.
  • Change is freedom. Holding onto essentials so you are freed to embrace a new era of discipleship…including money.

As we fully enter the season of dread of talk about money and stewardship, may you find new language, a new story and a new invitation about money and ministry that brings joy and freedom.

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