Conflict Utilization and Training

It’s bound to happen. Whether it’s simple disagreement to a large-scale conflict, a couple people or a large group, conflict is a part of our human interactions. Conflict cannot be avoided. We can, however, learn from it, use it and grow from our ability to open the conversation, clarify, respect others’ opinions and create mechanisms and processes to hear one another and make good decisions.

Navigating conflict for a healthy organization is our hope in our work. Based on the situation, we work to create a customized plan which may include:

  • A promises to listen to many voices across the organization, to engage and honor of each view-point.
  • Train teams and leadership on conflict styles, process and utilization of conflict for healthy culture
  • Coach pastors and leaders on healthy responses, boundaries and non-anxious leadership
  • Work to grow the congregations’ understanding of helpful dialog, appropriate communication and adopt new norms and expectations for interactions.
  • Help create covenants for group conversation and behavior that are healthy and respectful
  • Facilitate groups and forums to help expand the influence for healthy conflict behaviors